Bendigo Inventor of the Year Awards

In May and June Melbourne Angels members Jordan Green and Michael Stroeder have been panelists in Bendigo for thisimportant regional program. These workshops were well attended with over 70 people at each workshop and networking continuing well after the official close. As usual our Angels were in high demand and able to give a variety of valuable guidance to the many inventors and entrepreneurs in the room. Several investment prospects arose that are being further evaluated by the Melbourne Angels.

The group actively supports entrepreneurs and innovators throughout the State of Victoria. We know that great ideas will come from many sources and great investment opportunities arise in all of our State’s towns and cities. Working with regional communities is just one way to promote the success of early-stage enterprise in Victoria.

Later in the year Melbourne Angels members will participate in other events to support the Bendigo Inventor Awards and their important role in showcasing the imagination and talent of inventors and entrepreneurs in regional Victoria.


Melbourne Angels members at Large, November 2010

Our members have featured as presenters, judges and guest speakers at a variety of events in 2010 including the AAAI National Angels Conference in Glenelg, the ACA Summit for Angels in North America, the AANZ Summit for Angel in New Zealand, the Victorian Design Festival, the France-Australia Chamber of Commerce, the Australian Business Icon and many others.