Melbourne Angels Members at Large, November 2011

Members appeared as featured speakers at a variety of events including:

  • AAAI National Angels Conference;
  • AANZ Summit for Angels in New Zealand;
  • ACA National Angels Summit in USA;
  • Anthill Cool Company Awards;
  • Asian Business Angel Forum;
  • Chinese Early-Stage Investment Forum;
  • Churchill Club;
  • Dealers Group Private Wealth Management Forum;
  • Design Victoria Design Festival;
  • Kauffman Startup Weekend;
  • Kuala Lumpur International Venture Capital Symposium;
  • MobileMondayMelbourne;
  • The Hub; and
  • Transmedia Victoria International Conference and Workshops.

Our primary form of sponsorship is the significant contribution of time by our members as speakers, judges and mentors. Other sponsorship support has been the provision of strategic consulting/advisory services by a number of members. 

In 2010-2011, Melbourne Angels supported and/or sponsored:

  • Australian Business Icon – Victoria
  • Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship
  • Engineers Australia Engineering Week Entrepreneurship Workshop
  • Final Thesis Seminar for Masters of Marketing (Internet Marketing) for the Graduate School of Business and Economics at the University of Melbourne
  • iAwards
  • Kauffman Startup Weekend
  • Melbourne University Entrepreneurs Challenge
  • Microsoft BizSpark Bootcamp
  • RMIT BizPlan Competition