The John Heine Entrepreneurial Challenge 2009

The John Heine Entrepreneurial Challenge 2009 December 2009

Our members are frequently involved in university business competitions as judges, mentors and organisers. This year we were very pleased to have five members involved in the John Heine Entrepreneurial Challenge which commemorates a great Australian business man and entrepreneur. This year the competition, organised by the Queensland University of Technology was held in Melbourne at the Swinburne University of Technology – Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship on December 10th and 11th with the awards dinner Friday night at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in the CBD.

Melbourne Angels members David Bennett, Paul Breen and Wolfgang Kissel were mentors for competing teams from Bond UniversityAustralian National University and Swinburne University of Technology respectively. Members Tom McKaskill and Jordan Green were judges for the competition. Other Angel support for this competition included Ruth Drinkwater, CEO of the Australian Association of Angel Investors who was also a judge.

All the teams from around the nation made an impressive effort with their projects and the organisers are to be commended on an outstanding success for the series of events that comprise the Challenge.

We are particularly proud of our members Wolfgang Kissel and Paul Breen who mentored the first and second place winners, respectively. This certainly emulates the success we strive to deliver to the entrepreneurs who gives us the opportunity to invest in their businesses.